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Sunday, July 13, 2014

My Zodiac 601-XL is for Sale

The time has come.  My Zodiac 601-XL is up for sale.  Please Click on the Video above.

This factory-built Zodiac is S-LSA certified.  That means she is not "Experimental", but at the same time you don't have to worry about: STCs, your 3rd class medical, or even your BMI! 

I brought it home new from the factory and it has been well maintained.  I keep her at the Marathon, FL airport (KMTH).   She sports all-digital Garmin avionics along with a Dynon D-180 multi-function display. The combination gives you integrated "glass panel" features and functions at an affordable price.  
FAA #N183AMSer #601-021S
395 TT Since New (Hobbs)
Continental O-200A82 Engine (100 HP, TBO= 1800)
Last compressions 67/74/72/70
395 SNEW (10/06)
Engine Monitoring: Dynon D180
Sensenich W68ZK576 2-blade prop 
395 SNEW (10/06, Balanced 04/10) 
Garmin 340 Audio Panel
Garmin SL40 Com
Garmin 396 GPS (Panel-mounted)
Garmin 327 Digital Transponder
Dynon FlightDEK D180 Multi-Function Display 
    (See: http://www.dynonavionics.com/docs/D180_intro.html)
Intercom (2-place)
Dual Push-to-talk

Intercom (2-place)
Dual Push-to-talk
Dual brakes and dual controls  
Interior is generally in good condition
2 blue fabric seats
USB connection on D180
Exterior is generally in good condition
Blue / white paint scheme
Tach time = 330
Useful load = 500 lbs.
New external cover included
No damage history
Next annual inspection due 09/01/14
Factory wing modification completed 04/10.
All logbooks
Aircraft is located in Marathon, Florida (Zip 33050)

This Zodiac 601-XL is a Zenair aircraft that was assembled in a factory outside of Atlanta in 2006 (I said 2007 in the video, but that was an error) and it has an airworthiness certificate issued by the manufacturer. This is not an Experimental Amateur-Built aircraft, so it doesn't have the problems and drawbacks of an experimental aircraft.  Be careful, there are some 601s for sale that are Experimental, but don't make it clear.  The factory went out of business during the recession and that has lowered the price of these aircraft, but parts and support are readily available. 

One eight three alpha mike is easy to fly and easy to land.  It seems to love to fly at one hundred and eleven knots with two passengers in most conditions. The visibility through the bubble canopy is outstanding and there is nothing tricky about this airplane. The Continental Oh two hundred engine is proven and very well known.  Every aviation mechanic knows the oh two hundred.  At altitude you'll see fuel consumption under 6 gallons per hour. 

The Dynon FlightDeck D-180 provides full glass panel features including engine temperature monitoring, a lean of peak computer, a fuel computer, and integration with the GPS navigation.  The Garmin 396 GPS has XM weather capability and is integrated with the Dynon,  with the Garmin audio panel, and with the Garmin SL40 radio. The integrated SL40 radio is a great radio and integration means the frequencies are set in its memory when you pick an airport destination in the GPS.  The Garmin GTX 327 transponder helps you to be seen.  

There is no autopilot and that keeps things, including annual inspections, simpler.  Besides, I thought you wanted to FLY the airplane!  Similarly, there are no wheel pants.  Wheel pants make maintenance a lot more difficult and expensive and add nothing. 

Everyone will appreciate how easy it is to get in and out of this aircraft.  One foot on the step, one foot on the wing, and in you go.  You don't need to be an acrobat for this light sport.  The seats are tilted back for comfort and there is plenty of elbow room.  In fact, when I fly my forearm is comfortably resting on my thigh, so there is no strain.

This airplane has only three fuel drains.  You can be sure your fuel is safe with a minimum of hassle!  You can put 15 gallons in each tank, giving you nearly four hours of safe flying. 

The engine is rated to use recreational no-lead 90 octane fuel.  That could be a big advantage because of the unknown future of 100 octane aviation gas.
 One eight three alpha mike has her own brand new personalized cover. 
 Add wingtip strobes and you have an airplane that is economical to buy, practical to fly, and fun!

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