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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

TV Commentator: Gun Sales Up Before Election

Investing in semi-automatic weapons before the Supreme Court gets loaded with liberals is one of my primary recommendations for actions to take after the election... but before the inauguration. That recommendation is HERE.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

a Fascinating Look at the Future w/ Michael Medved

While I FIRMLY believe it is too late to change anyone's mind about this election and that the ONLY useful thing you can do is to DRIVE SOMEONE TO VOTE who might not otherwise use their voting right this year.. THIS ARTICLE from Michael Medved (who appears a lot on TV) is very interesting reading.

Some of Medved's insights are very interesting to me. For example, ever wonder why so many of your friends who are Jews are life-long Democrats? Medved says:
"Republicans claimed credit for the restrictive Immigration Act of 1924, all but eliminating the flow of humanity from Eastern and Southern Europe, and as a result vast numbers of ethnic voters (Italians, Poles, Jews, Greeks and more) became loyal Democrats for a generation or more.

This shift in immigrant voters played a huge role in the establishment of the New Deal Coalition that won five Presidential elections in a row (1932 through 1948) and totally dominated Congress for an appalling fifty years (1930-1980)."

Personally, my greatest fear is this:
"He will also get the chance to appoint at least two, and perhaps as many as four new justices to the Supreme Court of the United States. All legal observers expect Obama’s nominees to embrace an even more activist, leftist view of the Constitution and legal system than Clinton’s appointees, Breyer and Ginzburg. The damage from the remaking of the court could prove incalculable. "

READ MedVed's whole article

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I'm Not Just Loving This Jimmy Buffet Song, I'm LIVING It!

Okay, I'm not 100% sure I can still ride no handed as well as Jimmy and his plane is a lot more aerobatic than mine, but I'm (a little) faster! Otherwise, I'm living it!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

IF Barak Hussein Obama is Elected - Things to Do

IF Barak Hussein Obama is Elected - Things to Do

Okay, BHO could win. IF SO, what should you do before inaguration day?

Remember the stories about the Clintons' early days in the White House? Remember the general disdain of Clinton staffers toward the military? Well, you haven't seen anything yet. The most polluted and polluting elements of our society will have free run inside an Obama White House. They will have total disdain for anyone who is not as "nuanced", sophisticated, or entitled as they are.

There won't be much that individuals can do to save the country at that point. The future 20 years down the road is very cloudy. This is particularly true since BHO will be able to appoint several Supreme Court justices. Those liberal judges will have long-term inpact.

This is a good time to read or to re-read "Atlas Shrugged". Ann Rand got it right many years ago. But, specifically today what can individuals do to protect themselves? Here are some ideas.

1. Buy a semi-automatic weapon: Yes, an "Assault Rifle". I have blogged on this topic before. Personally, I have never seen the need for assault rifles. In fact, I would have been willing to support a total ban. But, I don't trust the influencers in an Obama government. A liberal Supreme Court will certainly find a reason to re-visit the Second Amendment. Whether you think you'll ever fire a round or not, a weapon that could be classified as an assault rifle is, in my personal opinion, likely to become an endangered property and a good monetary investment! See this link for the whole story on weapon investment and some suggestions.

2. Lower Your Profile: Get Into the Underground Economy: All of my life every penny of my income has had a W2 or a 1099 attached. But remember, these liberals will live by: "If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it." Get clever. What can you do to barter or to get any income "off the books"? Get as "tax efficient" as you can. Whatever you can do, do it!

3. Lower Your Profile: Get off the Grid: A make-work WPA-style "progressive" centrally planned national economy is, almost by definition, inefficient. Obama will have about three good years while every foreign potentate gets all they can from his naive administration. Then, in the 3rd or 4th year, some foreign entity will push him hard. He will still be at the mercy of any country that controls oil supplies (Venezuela) or the routes of transport (e.g. China). The result will be an oil crisis that makes 2008 look like the glory years. What can you do between now and then to become individually energy independent? For most people that will be solar. Ray Kurzweil is predicting some solar developments in the near future. The Bailout Bill passed in October has, as one of its pork provisions, a pretty good tax credit for solar power. If solar or anything else works for you, get off the grid! See THIS LINK and THIS LINK too

4. Lower Your Profile: Sit Down and Shut Up: Since you are probably a productive individual, you should imagine that you have just been chained to an oar. The entitled ones in government are going to make you row them all around. At this point we will have no influence and little voice. Even talk radio will be quickly muzzled. Conserve your strength.

You are not admitting defeat, you are avoiding defeat. "The good fighters of old first put themselves beyond the possibility of defeat, and then waited for an opportunity of defeating the enemy. To secure ourselves against defeat lies in our own hands, but the opportunity of defeating the enemy is provided by the enemy himself. Thus the good fighter is able to secure himself against defeat, but cannot make certain of defeating the enemy." - Sun Tzu

5. Buy Gold: I'm not really a believer in holding the metal itself, but there are many excellent precious metals funds. The US dollar will have to take a new lower place in the world. Nip at precious metals when they trend low and hold them when they go high.

6. Home School: The Education Department in Washington has the power of the purse. They can use that power to promote whatever social goals they think are "good." It's virtually guaranteed that they will push education on social matters that are far to the left. The US is evil and abortion is good. Their friends in the teachers' unions will help. It takes about 20 hours a week to home school a child. It's a lot of work, but very rewarding. Probably your best bet is to find 3-4 families that agree with your views and share the load. Note that it is also likely that the central government will do all it can, again through funding policies, to discourage home schooling. Most citizens will not care. They like it when somebody else babysits their kids.

7. IRA: Convert your traditional IRA to a Roth IRA. The traditional IRA will be taxed at withdrawal and with Obama in there taxes will only be going up. A Roth IRA will never be taxed under current laws. So pay the tax now at lower rates and save the increase on future taxes.

8. Move: Go Reinforce a Red State: With liberal judges moving into courtrooms, life in liberal states could get tougher. Your nuanced and entitled liberal neighbors will make you angry. Where is a good place to move? I want someplace that is far from the southern border and with a smaller population density. Texans generally have the right attitude and Texas has no state income tax, but that's a long border. Since a liberal federal government won't protect our borders, crime coming up from Mexico will be a big problem. Alaska is perfect in all ways but the weather. The same is true of Montana. Personally, I'd look at Utah or South Carolina for reasonable environments of all kinds -although they do have state income taxes.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

An Absolutely Great Commercial!

Oh, you'll have to love this one! Note: The right of self defense being practiced here. If you object to that, then go elsewhere. And oh yeah, do not read my book, "A Glint in Time". But, IF this video gives you a chuckle, you should CLICK ON THIS LINK to buy my book from Amazon.com!

A "Wearable" Energy Cell

I think this is a neat story.. apparently DoD sponsors a competition for the developers of wearable energy cells. These things are now apparently about the size of a case for your glasses. In concept, it can power all of the electro-stuff you have hung on you without worrying about the seven different battery types and chargers you typically need today.

The airplane picture, by the way, shows an experimental Boeing Hydrogen Fuel Cell plane in which the hydrogen fuel cell works with some lithium ion batteries. It is only tangentially related to the wearable fuel cell story. The wearable fuel cell uses butane or methanol fuel instead of hydrogen... thereby making it a lot easier to refuel in our present world. But, the airplane picture is cool.

The two SFC fuel cells competed with nearly 170 entries in the inaugural Wearable Power Competition. The Department of Defense Research and Engineering established the Wearable Power Competition in 2007 to encourage innovation in energy systems carried by personnel during field missions. Attached to a standard military vest, the systems were required to provide 20W of average electric power for 96 hours, meet brief peak-power demand of up to 200W and weigh no more than 4 kg (8.8 pounds), or less than half a battery-powered system.

Hey, 20 watts for 96 hours straight? That's cool! Although 200W isn't enough for my personal laser melting beam. But, a kilowatt burst in a backpack would seem very practical.

See the whole story at THIS LINK

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Been Flying .. not Blogging ..

I've been flying ... and working for the Florida Republican Committee making phone calls.. and not blogging. On Sunday I flew my Zodiac 601XL right up the middle of Florida from Marathon in the Keys to Tampa. About 2 hrs enroute. Had to stay central to avoid weather on both coasts. On Monday there was a front laying across Ocala and Gainesville, so I stayed in Tampa. Tuesday I flew 2+30 enroute up to Eastman, GA so the 601 can get its annual. (Its second). As soon as I got out from under Tampa's Class B I had to get it up to 5500' in order to get above the tops. Nice flight. Found a good hole and came down about 20 mi south of the field. Bounced along in the hot air and had a good time. Now, I'll be in Eastman, GA easting Okra and drinking Sweet Tea for a few days. You can see my SPOT checkins at http://tinyurl.com/526fbz