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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A Really Scary Aviation Movie : Runway incursion

I have been lost on an airport. In my airplane my butt is about two feet off the ground. I have better perspective standing up. So, I can understand getting lost on a taxiway in a fog. Some people ctitique the United pilots, but I can understand their situation.

In fact, it sounds like the male United pilot understands exactly how bad things are and is ummm.. "highly stressed"

The controller is suffering from underwhelming caution. She should have been as scared as the United pilot.

All praise for the pilot of USAir 2998. That guy deserves a medal... just for doing his job! See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5BvgSS6kBdU

What's Going on in Iraq? Here is a very informed view

Victor Davis Hanson is a very smart man. As a historian and academic, he brings both insight and analysis to his view. As a person who goes out and tours with the troops and walks the ground, he is informed.

Isn't it fascinating that since General Petraeus testified to Congress, Iraq has dropped off of all mainstream media coverage? We read and hear more, much more, about Burma/Myanmar in the press than we do about Iraq. It is the case, I guess, that good news is no news.

Please read this report from Victor Davis Hanson. It is the second report of three. The first report is also worth reading, but he had more time to prepare this one. The third report is yet to come.

Getting Rid of No-Slip Tape Part II

The unanimous advice is to use a heat gun. With the advice "But, don't burn the paint." Attempts coming soon!

Monday, October 1, 2007

The GREAT Flying in Crocs Controversy

Oh my gosh... the flood of email. The controversy! I published a photo that incidentally showed my feet on the rudder pedals in a pair of Crocs shoes. The comments rolled in: "You'll get stuck in the pedals!" "You'll be found with a Croc under the pedals." "Don't ride an escalator. "

Good grief people. Get a life.

I always swore that I wouldn't buy a pair of Crocs. MOST of them are grossly ugly. But, I stumbled across a pair with sewn leather uppers that I think looking passingly cool. And, since I fly in areas where the outside ambient air temp is never below 70 degrees and often above 90 degrees, Crocs keep your feet from sweating. Also, in your Crocs you just don't care if the ramp is full of puddles. They are practical and comfortable.

I am happy to report, as these pictures show, that there is PLENTY of room in the rudder space on a Zodiac 601XL for a pair of Crocs. Now please, go find something different to complain about.